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Wedding Ceremony Stage

Flashback Film

What's Included

  • 10-30 Minute Film Capturing Single Event of The Day: Ceremony, Vows, Toasts, First Look, First Dance, etc.

  • Shot Form Multiple Camera Angles

  • Captured With High-Quality Audio

  • Minimally Edited In Documentary Style


Package Enhancement Description

A Blast From The Past!

The Flashback Film is a great addition to any package that includes a second photographer/videographer. We know the whole day is important, but there are specific moments that we probably feel are a little more important than others, right? Those moments we wish we could relive in their entirety from beginning to end. That's where the Flashback Film comes in.

Why Should I Add The Flashback Film?

The Flashback Film will capture a single event during the day (ceremony, toasts, first dance, whatever you decide) from multiple camera angles, and will be minimally edited to preserve the documentary nature of the film. We will set up multiple points of high quality audio including; wireless lapels, direct audio capture from the PA, and shotgun microphones for the cameras. These scenes can be up to 30 minutes in length.

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A Great Enhancement For:

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