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Second Videographer

What's Included

  • Second Videographer Added For The Full Length of The Package You've Selected.

  • Additional Hours May Be Added Beyond Package Limits At Hourly Rate.

  • Included In The Majestic Package

$350: The Moment

$550: The Memory

Included: The Magestic

Package Enhancement Description

Because Two Is Better Than One
Whenever anyone asks me, "what's the one package enhancement I should do if I could only do one?" my answer is always the same... a second videographer. A second videographer is the most important thing you could do to make sure your wedding video goes is as good as it could be. If you've booked The Majestic package, fear not, a second videographer is included in the package!

Why Do I Need A Second Videographer?

Until we get better at cloning, no one can be in two places at the same time. Having a second videographer allows us to divide and conquer, like when the bridal parties are split up in separate places getting ready at the same time. It also lets us capture important moments from different perspectives, like getting reactions from each party during a first look. 


Another benefit is that it allows one of us to become a defecto assistant to the other when needed, like helping to set up lights, moving gear from the ceremony to the reception, checking sound levels from the DJ mixer into our audio recorders, setting up and monitoring stationary cameras for long form video capture during ceremonies, and so on.
This frees up the other videographer to focus on capturing great moments that will make your video even more special!

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A Great Enhancement For:

  • The Moment

  • The Memory

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